Comics Joey Diaz and Felicia Michaels supply laugh out loud black and blue comedy, that will arouses young and old audiences alike. Their out of the box guest choices and interviews will captivate you. Get off the Xanax, stop popping Paxils and download this podcast - it will change your life!

Now You Got Me All Fired UP! W/ Josh Wolf from Chelsea Lately!

It's Getting Heavy Duty Up In  Here! w/ Duncan Trussell!

I Won't Even Pace Myself!

w/ former WBF Super Cruiser Weight Champion Vinnie Curto!

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You Gotta See It, To Believe It

The NorCal Tour was great, new

dates coming soon!

July 11th

Cobbs Comedy Club

San Francisco

July 12th - 15th

Punchlines Comedy Club


October 2nd - 3rd


Ontario California

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Something To Think About

The Facts Jack


Plain and simple... Born in Cuba, started out on New York City's west side, relocated to North Bergen, New Jersey in the 3rd grade after an altercation with Sister Hyacinth, moved to Colorado, after graduation or first warrant posted, had a short stint in the can, became a comedian as an extension of my criminal creativity. Today, I live in Hollywood, doing what I do best, stand up, movies, and T.V. shows.


Here's the skinny... Came into the world an army brat, moved here, moved there, landed on the Colorado foothills near the corner of trailer park and military housing. I learned to load a gun, dodge a social worker, and sniff  out an exit plan, which came via the doors of a strip joint coined the Peppermint Lounge.  Then I turned 18. Met a comic, then became a comic. Today I'm a proud single mom, who has walked amongst the comedy great. Even prouder, that I've laughed loud as hell with the wounded.

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